The price…

We provide all type of rendang…
All the price are subjected to it’s packaging.

For 200g rendang’s are within rm3-rm6
For 500g rendang’ are within rm6-rm12
For 1kg rendang’s are within rm20-rm30

Our product..

Our product is consist different type of rendang..
BUT we are specialize in BEEF RENDANG, because the ingredient using in that BEEF RENDANG is special from our great grandmother.
We use a fresh ingredient to make this frozen randang.
It is a secret ingredient to make the rendang taste delicious and differeniate between this frozen beef rendang to the other frozen food company.

Our product are:

  • Beef rendang
  • chicken rendang
  • duct rendang
  •  beef serunding
  • chicken serunding
  • seafood rendang
  • vegie rendang

company profile

FROZEN BEEF RENDANG was established in 7th February 2011 after seeing a bright opportunity in the frozen food manufacturing sector and promote the persistence of areas of food manufacturing. Economic scenario that is stable and frozen food demand is ever increasing the frozen food sector manufacturing very interesting. In addition, the persistence of government departments such as Department of Fisheries, Mardi to monitor and provide advice to make an advantage in this sector.

FROZEN BEEF RENDANG  want to be leader frozen food manufacturing sector in Malaysia and aims to: –

  •  Became a frozen food manufacturers in Malaysia largest
  •  To provide frozen food to the population malaysia
  •  Provide a high satisfaction to customers of various term
  •  Represent Malaysia food to nation wide
  •  We are specialist in BEEF RENDANG but we also provide many kind of frozen food on word. Kindly check our product for more info…